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Here you can read about our Timetable & Terms Dates
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Classes and Private Lessons are offered 6 Days a week (weekdays, children starting from 4pm/Adults from 11am).

Saturdays classes running throughout the day 9am - 6pm.

Price List:

Spring Term ‘17

Monday 9th January – Saturday 11th February '17
(6 weeks)

Half Term - Closed 12th February – 19th February '17

Re-open after Half Term

Monday 20th February – Saturday 8th April ‘17
(7 weeks)

Half Term - Closed 9th April – 23rd April ‘17 (Easter Holiday)

Summer Term ‘17

Monday 24th April – Saturday 27th May '17 (5 weeks)
Monday’s closed for Bank Holiday 1st May = 4 weeks

Half Term - Closed 28th May – 4th June ‘17

Re-open after Half Term
Monday 5th June – Saturday 15th July '17 (6 weeks)