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Viola Dancewear

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Click below to download a detailed uniform
list for both boys and girls:

Girls uniform:
Boys uniform:

'Lanterns School of the Performing Arts' has a regulation uniform for all dance subjects. The styles have been carefully chosen to suit all body types with a choice of colour as above. Please ensure your child wears the correct uniform or they will be refused for class.

Prices are reasonable and the uniform allows the children to concentrate on their work rather than be in competition with fashionable dancewear. Please ensure all clothing is labelled.

If your child is attending the Drama, Singing & Music Classes, comfortable clothing is essential, especially footwear. We would also prefer no jewellery.

No jewellery is acceptable for Dance classes.

'Lanterns' staff are there to help you if you have any queries or need any further help with the uniform for your child.



  • Navy lycra school catsuit
  • Navy sweatpants (optional)
  • White regulation short sleeve leotard (optional)
  • White regulation short socks
  • White suede sole leather ballet shoes
  • Black or white tap shoes - low heels (canvas or leather)
  • Toe & heel taps
  • White or black leather jazz shoes
  • Blue cotton footless tights (ballet grade 3 - advanced)
The above Uniform is to be worn for Ballet, Modern & Tap classes with white socks and the appropriate footwear. No other dancewear is acceptable, as this is the boy's uniform for 'Lanterns School of the Performing Arts' which has been carefully chosen to suit boys of all ages.

** Optional Sweatpants are worn before and after class (not during class) to make a boy feel comfortable when moving around the building. Also optional is a white short sleeved leotard to be worn underneath the catsuit for all classes.




  • White or carnation tutu
  • Pink ballet socks (preparatory class & pre primary only)
  • Pink ballet tights (primary - advanced) (optional below primary, compulsory above)
  • Pink leather ballet shoes & ribbons
  • School hair net
  • White or carnation cardigan (optional)

  • White or carnation catsuit or
  • White or carnation leotard & stirrup tights
  • White modern socks
  • White or carnation jazz shoes
  • School hair net or hair in a pony tail
  • White or carnation cardigan (optional)
** Please ensure your child wears the regulation uniform, especially when buying the uniform from other stockists. No other styles, colours or dancewear will be acceptable.